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WHITE RAVEN IS THE VIDEOGRAPHY TEAM I LOVE THE MOST! and i'm so thrilled we've teamed up! THEY'RE SEVERAL CHEERY LITTLE CREATIVES WHO STRIVE TO TELL your amazing wedding STORIES AND USE THEIR PASSIONS TO create beautiful ART that you will cherish for years to come.

Instead of feeling like you are just watching your wedding video, the white raven team makes you feel as though you're apart of it and you will get to relive your special day over and over every time you pull your story off the shelf. plus how romantic is it to rewatch your love story every year on your anniversary.  i just gush over their work and creativity. get ready to grab a tissue ladies because you will melt right along with me when you watch THEm TELL such incredible LOVE STORIES THROUGH THEIR FILMS. 


the gal behind the camera...

Hi babes! My name is Danielle but my friends call me Ellie. I was born and raised in Idaho and for the past 9 years I have resided in Cali. I am a mother to two beautiful children who are my complete heart and soul. God has blessed me with my son and daughter and I couldn't be more proud to be their mommy. Photography is something that has been in my blood since a child. I've always been obsessed with taking photographs. You will rarely see me without my camera in one hand and a coffee in the other. I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe in love. True - knock you on your butt - take your breath away - can't live without you - sweep you off your feet - you + me until the end of time kind of love. I genuinely love getting to know people and I'm in love with getting to witness real love at every engagement + wedding I capture. Being asked to capture a couple on their most important day is something I take with great responsibility, honor, and have tremendous joy in. So if I get a little caught up in the energy, enthusiasm, and emotion of it all, well, you'll just have to forgive me for loving what I do and just smile/giggle along with me.   

Xo, Ellie


a little more about me

Favorite movie:    uuhhh all of Nicholas Sparks movies most definitely along with many other movies

My kids describe me as:    silly and fun. we're always laughing and playing. my 3 year old daughter says "mommy you're my best friend" which melts my heart

Favorite place to be:    the mountains, I have a major love for the mountains... I guess you could say that's my happy place

Favorite foods:   all foods haha but seriously I love it all. and I have a sweet tooth when it comes to pie and cobblers 

Music:    Country from oldies to now, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Creed, Nickelback, and throw some 80's music in there and I'm good. I like to mix it up

Favorite part of weddings:    The mother + son dance, honestly it totally gets to me and I typically cry at them all. makes me think about my son (who is only 6 yrs old right now) getting married one day. I'm a sap when it comes to my kids. With my daughter's wedding I'll be so excited to help plan but thankfully we are years away from that :)

Favorite drinks:   COFFEE and wine, what else is there :)

Interesting fact:   I become friends with atleast 90% of my clients and I love it!

My personality:   Vivacious, bubbly, and I'm very big on good vibes. I believe there should be a great vibe when working with clients and I want them to be excited about choosing me as their photographer. It's wonderful when we "just click" and there's smiles all around!